UMONS – Plaine de Nimy


The first international workshop on Imaging Ellipsometry (IEW2020) aims at providing a forum for scientists and engineers working in instrumentation and applications of Imaging Ellipsometry (IE) and related techniques.

IEW2020 will take place at Mons University from May 18 till May 20, 2020 and is a joint organisation of UMONS (Prof. M. Voué, Materials Research Institute, LPMO) and UCLouvain (Prof. A. Jonas, IMCN).

IEW2020 will gather international participants whose common point is the use of IE or of one of its variants in materials science, biointerfaces, … Both young and experienced researchers are encouraged to participate and to interact on the basis of a common experimental technique applied to different fields, sharing common experimental issues.  The workshop program will be organized to give maximum opportunity to young researchers to present the results of their research in this growing field. The workshop also aims at establishing links and stimulating collaborations between research groups at the international level, while providing a platform for researchers to get updated on the current state of art in imaging ellipsometry.

In order to maximize the interactions, four sessions will be scheduled on a serial scheme to cover:

  • Optical properties of 2D materials;
  • Bioactive coatings and biointerfaces;
  • Functional organic layers for applications in electronics, optics and energy;
  • Hybrid and composite materials

We hope to meet you there to share an experience centered on an experimental technique of optical characterization in full expansion.

Download here the flyer

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